Kathi Ann Hurlburt Day

Phone: 541-350-4573 Email: pix@techpixie.net

Address: 2914 NE Shepard Rd., Bend, OR 97701

Preferred media:


I hope that someday soon digital will make the transition to accepted tool for "real" artwork. I love itís ability to "paint" as many layers as needed to get just the right shade without building up heavy layers that will crack, to be able to undo a careless or unintended stroke. Programs used frequently currently include Pixia, Gimp and Corel.


Usually in combination with inks and or pencil tracings. I prefer a thick, not quite pasty, mix of paint that I can water down on my brush as I go. I enjoy using different materials to paint on and have works on everything from semi transparent mock vellum to stretched canvas.

Oils and acrylics

I use these less often, as they are both more expensive and less forgiving of sudden loss of fine motor control. Of the two, I prefer acrylic as it has a feel closer to the watercolors that I use more often.

Work Related Skills:

Coding [Html, Javascript, Python], Typing [35 wpm, 95% accuracy], Good Math Skills [such as required in measuring, accounting, collating, etc.], Experience in many graphic software [such as Adobe products, Corel products, Quark Express, GIMP and many others] on many platforms [such as Windows, Mac, Linux].

Art Related Work Experience:

Freelance, web graphics, typing and painting projects: April '07 - Current
techpixie.net - pix@techpixie.net

Graphics Artist / Typesetter / Network Admin.: April '01 - March '03 (541) 947-3378
Lake County Examiner - Lakeview, OR

Graphics Artist / Typesetter / Network Admin.: May. '00 - Jan. '01: (541) 826-1616
Fidelity Printed Products - White City, OR

Composing Department: May '98 - Oct. '98: (541) 963-3161
The Observer - LaGrande, OR

Small Business: Oct. '96 - Dec. '97
Polychrome Miscellania - Printing & Design - Home Office

Typeset/Layout Graphics: Sept. '95 - Oct. '96
Classic Printing - Yakima, WA

Press Operator: June '95 - Sept. '95
Solar Graphics - Yakima, WA

Online Galleries:

http://techpixie.net - My own website, coded it myself, for better or worse.

http://gusdefrog.deviantart.com - An online artist community, here you can find scraps and gifts and the odd little things that I donít bother to post in more formal settings.

http://www.artistrising.com/galleries/KathiDay - A place to sell artwork.

I have some copies of artwork here and there on other sites, but these are the largest collections.


Eastern Oregon State College - LaGrande, OR

Yakima Valley Community College - Yakima & Grandview, WA

Private drawing lessons with a local Harney County artist.


Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Reading, Horticulture - Pacific NW oriented, Hiking & Camping, Swimming, Writing, Flute, Gaming.

Personal Reference:

Ray & Robin Whittum - Toppenish, WA (509) 865-5609

Diane Denstedt - Burns, OR (541) 573-2826