Mizuki's Sky
by K.A.H.D. © 2017

And here we see my brain rolling in the gutter and laughing and crying at the same time. Ha ha... >_> ... Sora hadn't even appeared in Takumi no Eri yet when I started writing this down, but I have already spent more time writing about him than I have about Takumi I think. This is probably the story I've spent the most time replaying in my head, after Kiri.

Pikachu belongs to The Pokémon Company. Any other resemblance to people and places is coincidental.

I meant it about the gutter: underage sex, drinking, weight issues, height issues, right vs wrong, vicious rumors, rape (not between main characters) and other coercion.

So, in a place and time that don't exist, with names and details borrowed from other times and places:

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Story in progress.

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