Stuff and Nonsense

Chapter 2

Arriving at a cross road Geoffrey stopped to peer at the signs and I sat down to rest and pull some brambles out of my socks. There would be advantages to having bramble proof scales. I wondered what was taking him so long when he turned around.

"What did you say the names of the towns near your area were again?" he asked.

I frowned. Geoffrey hadn't had any trouble remembering them before.

"Why?" I asked.

"Come and look." I sighed and got up to look. We both stared at the sign. Not one of the towns listed were remotely familiar.

"Maybe we missed a turn off?" I suggested.

"Not a chance." "Oh. What now?" "Well, see the little swirl near the end of the one called Cockle? It means that there is an Oracle living there."

"Are you suggesting that we ask him?"

"Do you have a better idea?"

I had to admit that I didn't, so we set off down the road again. I didn't like the idea a bit. Oracle's are notorious for causing confusion, and whenever one is consulted trouble seems to follow. However we did need an explanation for the strange names on the road sign. Road signs are the property of the King, and are kept accurate by an ancient spell set upon them by the first King.

From what Geoffrey had said before there weren't more than four or five towns between his forest and the University, which meant that the capital, Truglemop, should have been listed on the sign, not to mention several other towns.

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