Stuff and Nonsense

Chapter 3

When we arrived at the outskirts of Cockle I suggested that the people there might not like having a dragon in town. Geoffrey told me that I was being ridiculous and walked on, not having a lot of other choices, I followed.

To my surprise, nobody seemed to think that a purple dragon was out of the ordinary.

"Dear fellow," that was Geoffrey talking to a street vendor, "could you direct us to the Oracle?" "Two blocks down, and take a right," the man replied in a bored tone.

"Thank you. See CD, you had nothing to worry about."

"I don't understand," I said, "you'd think that purple dragons were common."

"Well! Just because people where you come from don't know how to treat strange folks, doesn't mean that no one else does!" Geoffrey huffed, and walked on with his nose in the air.

I suppose that he must have been right, but it struck me as odd. I followed him down the street.

Standing in front of the Oracle's home (I knew because there was a huge sign that said ORACLE on it) Geoffrey and I knocked. After waiting for a while, I said "Maybe he went out to lunch?"

"Stop being silly, this is serious, an Oracle is always home and they always answer the door."

Just as Geoffrey got through speaking the door was flung open and a little black man, or at least that is the impression I got, Geoffrey says... (I'm getting ahead of myself,) ran past us.

We both stared at the silently swinging door.

"I think we should investigate," Geoffrey declared.


"Yes we really should see what is in there." And with that Geoffrey proceeded to enter the building. Thinking dark thoughts about pushy dragons, I followed.

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