Stuff and Nonsense

Chapter 8


e were released from our respective cells, but no one was allowed to talk until a successful escape had been made so we did not get to compare notes until later. We snuck down the hall, we passed many other cells, the contents of which do not need repeating. Suffice to say that they were truly horrible.

I was glad to see Geoffrey again, and even glad to see Beeg. I wondered once more what had become of mother. I tripped on a bit of chain lying on the floor, and it seemed to make enough noise to wake an elephant. It occurred to me that unless I succeeded at this spell I was never going to find out about my mother, the magicians, or the King.

The lead rat made shushing motions with his paw and cautiously peeped around the corner. He disappeared around the corner and we followed.

Apparently this was the kitchen. I wasn't sure that it was worth conquering, but I left that up to the rats.

There was no one in the kitchen. I did not blame them, it was a wreck, there was mold growing everywhere, I didn't want to be there either. The kitchen had an iron door with an impressive lock on it. The lead rat signaled me to melt the lock so that no one could enter the kitchen, except through the dungeon, which was apparently already the rats domain.

I gave a small sigh, and then concentrated on my spell.

Whoosh!! A pillar of fire exploded outward from the lock. Everyone ducked, except Geoffrey, who gave a tremendous sneeze! How had we forgotten!?

When Geoffrey’s sneezes calmed, we gathered up the courage to survey the door. The lock was melted. So was the door. Also a good deal of the wall around it. Fortunately everything had cooled fast enough that all was still standing. It didn't look like anyone was going to get into the kitchen very soon.

The lead rat looked rather pale, but being a stout leader he quickly organized the other rats to help us escape.

We went back into the dungeon, and we must have walked ten miles through musty corridors before we emerged into bright sunlight.

"Youse c'n make 't fr'm here." said the leader. "Youse got three days before they'll check t' see if youse is still alive."

"Thank you my good fellow!" exclaimed Geoffrey.

"Yah, it's great to be out! Your a real pal!" whooped Beeg.

"Thanks." I said, already looking for landmarks.

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