Kathi A. H. Day

Mailing Address:
589 East E Street
Burns, OR 97720

My resume... (ok.. it's a few years old... I'll get to updating it one of these days.)

Hi! Well.. where to start... I work as a Graphics Artist type usually. I spend alot of time lurking about on a computer. Besides that I occassionally like to hike, camp, draw, read, listen to music. And every month or so I watch a movie or turn on my television. ;)

I also take time out to annoy my friends by insisting they review the latest changes to my artwork/website/current project of various sorts. Thank you all! I appreciate every comment, even when I grumble.

My husband Simon.
Poor creature slaves away at supporting us all day.
Plays computer games, enjoys bloody movies. Provides English in-laws. And occassianally finds time for a snuggle.

My younger sister Jenni.
Produced my nephew Alexander. *cheers wildly*
And pretty much spends all her time lately slaving away for his benefit ;).

My youngest sister Lauri.
I have some of her photography in my Art Gallery section.
She reads Fan Fics. And writes them too! *hides in terror* Along with filk songs, short stories and such. Works too much and is trying to figure out college.

My nephew Alexander.
His proffession is cuteness.
He also deals in toxic waste products.

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