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In-Page Navigation Links With No Underline Google Adwords Survival
Input With No Box Prevent Trailing Space in Link

Navigate down a page to a location:
Make your link like this:
<a href="#gotolink">In-Page Navigation</a>

And the place you want to end up like this:
<a name="gotolink"></a>

Links without underlines:
Put the text below between HTML </head> and <body> tags.

<style> a{text-decoration:none} </style>

Input element with no box around it:
I use this to display information from a javascript by changing the value.

Ordinary input element:  
<input type="text" value="Happy little frogs play here." size=40 readonly>

Input with invisible box:  
<input style="border-style: none; background: none; color: brown; text-align: center"
type="text" value="Happy little frogs play here." size=40 readonly>

Prevent trailing space in links:
While keeping up good indentation practices helps make
HTML code easier to read, I kept finding an extra space on my links.

<a href="#"> <img src="Frog.GIF">
<br> Some Text</a>

Sometimes looks like this:
Some Text

Putting it all on one line with no spaces prevents it.
<a href="#"><img src="Frog.GIF"><br>Some Text</a>

Some Text

Google Adwords: Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
How to survive your first advertising campaign:
Or what I learned from somewhat disastrous experimentation.

1. Read all the documentation. Of course, I bet you already did that. However it contains, almost word for word, everything that a support specialist will tell you if you ask for help, related or not.

2. Now throw out all the stuff about time, and settle down for a week long experiment.

3. Create your first campaign (if you already did that and it's broken, scrap it and start a new one). Don't be afraid to put more than one ad in it, but do have different keywords for each ad.

4. Run the campaign for about 10 minutes. 15 if you feel brave. Pause it. Come back in about 6-8 hours and see if it's statistics have updated yet. If your impressions column is still 0, run it again for a little longer. If not, see which keywords have impressions, and which if any have clicks.

5. Delete or edit any keywords with more than 100 impressions and no clicks.

6. Run the campaign for half an hour. Pause it. Come back in no less than 6-8 hours and check statistics again. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have a set of keywords that seems to be working for you.

7. If at any time your account is "slowed": PAUSE IT wait at least 3 hours and THEN restart. Let it sit there paused for at LEAST 24 hours before you do anything else with it. This way the incredibly slow and flaky system they are using to keep track of your ads has time to finish up all of the disaster. Otherwise you will be fighting the system which keeps going "you have over 1000 impressions and less than 5 clicks and I must slow everything" and wondering why your brand new keyword just got "slowed".

8. Don't be afraid to use multiple campaigns and multiple ads, but be sure to allow time for your account to complete it's little monitoring dance "Pause Pause Pause".