Telling Tales.
Visual puns, notes, questions, and comments.
Storybook illustrations, significant meetings, interesting times.

"A Moment of Ambition.jpg"   "A wizard by any name.jpg"   "Better Days.jpg"   "Catch.jpg"   "Century Slayer.jpg"   "Damp.jpg"   "Dragonfly Time.jpg"   "Enticement.jpg"   "Fairy Tale End.jpg"   "Flying Squirrel Launch.jpg"   "How We Laugh.jpg"   "I have the power.jpg"   "Just Thinking.jpg"   "Moonbow.jpg"   "Moonjacking.jpg"   "Moonshine.jpg"   "Mushrooms.jpg"   "Phrawg.jpg"   "Pixie Companions.jpg"   "Ring Dance.jpg"   "See You on the Other Side.jpg"   "So.jpg"   "Study.jpg"   "Summer Dance.jpg"   "TGIF.jpg"   "The Magic Trick.jpg"   "They`re Dead Jim.jpg"   "Too Late.jpg"   "Violet and Dahlia.jpeg"  

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