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Instead of having 6 Perth folders, I'm combining by stay in city, but keeping individual folders for day trips, so maybe a little confusing to read with some time jumps.

Perth and it's various suburbs (don't ask me which parts are which) winds along the Swan river. Various ferries run up and down it taking people in and out.

YHA hostel in Perth is right over a train junction, so went back to the Nomad's one.

Went to Penguin Island off Rockingham. Back in Perth, cats continue their world domination. Visited King's Park in Perth. Went to the Swan Valley and visited Caversham Wildlife Park.

I kept passing a chalk board on a little (grubby from the outside) place called the Ellington Jazz Club on my way back and forth from bus stop to hostel, so I made a note of a quartet night and showed up. @_@ Wow... Welcome, what table do you have reserved? Yikes! But they weren't really crowded, so I went ahead and paid the fee to sit at a table. Wound up next to a couple local club members who knew the players and chatted a fair bit. The music was great. (I know, my in the dark photo isn't great.) It made me miss playing. It was worth doing once, and too expensive to do more often :P.

Bus tour to beaches north along the coral coast was over-booked so wound up having to find lodging at the last minute and do some rescheduling. Couldn't check back in where I had been, it was fully booked. Only thing available on short notice, besides a $300 a night hotel was a very bad hostel in the center of the city... I can see why this establishment does not give refunds. I took the female room that was open the day I checked in. 20 bed dorm-cave.

It was a matter of guesswork to find a bunk not in use, inquiring at the desk I was told to look for a bunk without stuff on it. One of the residents helped me move the items belonging to a girl in the lower bunk and no one screamed later that I had taken their bunk, but it seemed dubious.

No quiet hours were observed in the residence, no attempts from management to encourage them were evidenced.

I inquired next morning about moving to a smaller room if one had opened up and was informed that I must forfeit the two days I had already paid in order to do so, that room credits cannot be put toward other rooms. There was no hot water in the building until just as I was leaving.

Went south to Albany instead.

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