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I visited Caversham Wildlife Park in the Swan Valley wine region near Perth. Had to hike a bit and cross a couple cattle guards to get into the park, but was rewarded with seeing a "wild" kangaroo on the way in. I went to the kiddy show "Meet the Wombat" and got to pet many of the animals and see them up close. Doesn't the wombat look just like me? >.> ... Possums seemed fuzzier than ours at home. Various lizards, including more bob tailed varieties, wombat and koala. The koala's aren't native to western australia, they come from the north east, but they can eat 8-10 of the several hundred native western australia varieties of eucalyptus.

The park had a huge selection of bird cages, with at least 10 native owl varieties. There were many, many kinds of wallaby and of course the infamous kangaroos. (I can't really tell much difference other than size.) Flying foxes and a variety of sleepy small marsupials. They also had invasive species such as english foxes which together with feral house cats have decimated many native critters.

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