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I left Perth and took a bus south to Albany. I could feel myself relaxing as I left the metropolis area behind and started passing "normal" farm and ranch land. LoL. Many cattle and sheep, and a few horse places along the Albany highway. Motorcycle would have been fun.

Booked first 3 nights at the YHA, which was nice enough, even had a room to myself. But the lights flickered regularly, which is hard on my head... so now moving to a different backpackers in what used to be a fancy hotel.

I went around the downtown historical walking tour. They had a replica sailing ship built on land next to the harbor. The museum was interesting, more similarities to home with settler equipment and world war memorabilia. The only cat native to australia was an ice age variant of the tasmanian devil and has been extinct for quite awhile. The museum also had some local long neck turtles in an aquarium (in the kids section again... what? The frogs wouldn't admit to being in the frog garden...)

Paid $70 to go sailing on a whale watching catamaran, except there was no wind, lol, so the tour ran by engines. Also, despite rumors of a mother and calf in the area, we didn't see any whales, although we did see new zealand fur seals and two different pods of dolphins, got more pictures of where dolphins were and some of fins. The 3 hour tour took closer to 4 1/2 and I have a return ticket (free) to try and catch sight of whales later in the week. Several islands we passed were visited by Charles Darwin on the Beagle and one ridge on the peninsula was named for him. That was pretty cool, read about the Beagle voyage but never thought I'd be anywhere it'd been.

The second try, a lot of families with small children aboard, half the vessel's passengers got sea sick and we turned back early (right before the big storm).

I found a motorcycle, '82 Suzuki 250cc, for $1500 and then stayed in Albany about a week for the not quite hurricane. No radiator .. I wasted 2hrs looking for coolant level and fill, before getting that figured out, felt dumb. It'd all been repainted black, owners said it was originally orange, but didn't know model. About 32000 on odometer.

Took 3 tries, but did finally see a whale from the tour ship. The third trip was right after the storm, only 3 passengers, they almost canceled it.

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