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I thought I'd stay a night in Pemberton and see the waterfall at Beedelup (I've been told that the 'up' on so many place names means near water). I almost left when there was no one showing up to the offices, but stayed and wow! I lodged there for almost a week in what was most days a private cabin. A few nights a couple would stay over too, and one night the place was full. Interesting people, an elderly englishman biking the second half of his Perth to Sydney route, a canadian businessman, a mine worker looking at properties to build a house and retire to, and a variety of others.

While there I also visited the Kari forests, Cascades (rapids), and the Gloucester tree (an old fire watch platform tree). People were feeding the wild parrots.. I don't think I'd ever get used to all the wild tropical birds here.

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