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Then to Augusta, where the Southern and Indian oceans meet. Your supposed to be able to see the currents collide, but it was so windy when I went out to the point that all the waves looked the same to me? There was a definite fishy odor though, that no one mentioned.

While in Augusta I also visited Jewel Cave (I thought I was going to die climbing the steps back out...) it was pretty amazing, many varieties of formations, and touristy lit in a variety of colored and sometimes even animated lamps. Photos were only allowed from designated platforms though, and of course camera doesn't pick up as much as eyes.

Near the two oceans light house point there was also a structure known as the water wheel, a "must see". It was indeed a waterwheel, although so overgrown and clogged that it wasn't functional. Couple nice older ladies at hostel (a rare thing), one staying in the hostel while she looked for a rental place so she could live near her grandkids for a while. The other has been to Antartica twice! Once from Australia (her home is on the east coast) and once from South America. She showed us photos and talked about her trips, it was very interesting. She'd also taken one trip up to the artic circle in Norway.

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