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I arrived in Dunsborough filthy, wet (had to pack tent wet), and with no clean laundry left, so I booked a week at the YHA beach house hostel, before I head inland to Dryandra. Can see the water from my bunk, cleaned up and dried out. Stung by jelly fish on the beach. Because I asked for whatever room type would get me a bottom bunk, I wound up rooming with a nice, very young, man from Germany. His name's Emanuel but he says it completely different, something like ehm-an-weh. He thinks it's obvious that I should go tour europe (haha, like I'll ever afford that) and visit each countries big cities there on their train route. LoL. Other interesting people were a french engineer working on desalination plant in Perth, and a dutch kid I met previously in Albany, who in the time I took traveling up here got a job at one of the ocean side resorts.

I drove up to the lighthouse and whale watched for awhile and staggered a token bit of the north end of the Cape to Cape track.

Le Squeak.. when I write it all down it seems like I'm seeing alot, but when I look at what's available, I'm doing almost nothing. As at home, most days are spent with a goal of one activity, and eating something. No amazing healing up. Still fight for coordination, lay in bed on days that my eyes are double visioning... General symptoms are a bit worse, probably because I'm pushing too much. But I don't want to take alot of extra meds, because when I get back I won't have insurance left to take any. I'm still me, so not a huge amount of socialization, and I regret that I came all this way and won't meet SS. None of it is surprizing, but I do get tired of enduring, like always.

The Indian Ocean makes me want to run away to sea and be a pirate! :P

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