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Froze out (not litterally but cold, tired, etc.) and stopped in Collie then stayed another day for rain before going on to Narrogin. Was too lazy to walk around much, but they had alot of historical train stuff. The hotel I stayed in was being renovated, it used to be a hotel and then spent awhile being trashed and abandoned, but looked liked it was going to turn out very nice in the end. Comfortable, vast breakfast array, and free laundry.

Motorcycles are dread sheep eating beasties <_< ... on the rural roads north east, sheep would stampede deeper into their fields as I passed. Lots of sheep. The cows just watched.

In Narrogin I chickened out of camping and I stayed in my first and only "Pub Lodging", which was another old style hotel (very elderly decor but clean), with the first floor being pub. Was the only private room I had in Australia. >.> ... I toddled around the town's historical walk. There was a band Friday night, Big Men Working, they played alot of old rock and roll (and were good at it lol).

Dryandra was lovely, a bit dryer type of forest than I'd seen along the coasts. Kangaroos are totally Australia's deer. >.> 'Oh, a car is coming! Quick we must all cross!' *boing boing boing*... The guided night tour of the breeding preserve was all done by red light. We saw only 5 kinds of little marsupial. And of course I didn't get a good picture of the cutest one.

Before I left the area I walked around Foxes Lair, another little section of Dryandrish woodlands. It was the beginning of wildflower season, so there were lots of buds and a moderate amount of blooming.

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