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Long drive to Perth was mostly ok. At one point a red police car pulled up behind me and flicked on siren and lights, I immediately pulled off, and they didn't even slow down >.> ... we were the only trafic for a mile or three. Then I missed a freeway exit, or rather, took an entrance I didn't mean to, so I drove through this huge long tunnel underneath Perth and had to wind my way back through downtown. Thank god I'd gotten completely used to driving on the left. And I never want to do that again. x_X

Didn't have alot of luck with posting motorcycle sale, only a couple inquiries in over a week, and the one that was going to see it canceled, so I sold it to a guy, Daniel, I met back in Pemberton who'd offered 1k if I couldn't sell it easily. And then I got calls seeing if it was still for sale =_= ... ah well.

Walked around Hyde park, chased some of the local fowl about with the camera. Lot of flowers out, and people. Picked up sweets from a bakery.

Went to Freemantle, and visited the museum.

Then went to dinner with everyone (added Annais (from France), and some local friends of the others (Sam, Warren and a couple I didn't catch) to the group). All more than a decade younger @_@. They wanted to have mexican, but the restaurant told them no reservations, we got there and they said we're full, you didn't have a reservation. LoL so we wound up at an italian place on the same block that gave the party bottles of wine free and set up a table with enough places while trying to talk them into eating there. It was delicious.

Spent the last day resting, packing up, and charging devices for trains and planes.

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