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The Overland... I was apparently so tired I didn't take a photo of the outside of the train, it looked much the same as the Indian Pacific, but had it's own blue logo. Inside the train was much nicer, better seats and just more open design somehow. There were no stops you could exit to walk around, as it was a day trip.

My seat mate was an older woman who'd been to England to college, where she was asked to teach for some semesters. Very bohemian for her age, she'd been married (I think more than once..) and divorced. She was just returning from a visit with her former husband and his wife, as they were still friends and shared scholarship work interests. She told me about her daughter and her husband, who were sheep farmers, with at one point, a textiles shop in town. Said they'd never been fully accepted into the local community as "real" farmers because they raised colored sheep (for knitting wool). After about 15 years apparently there was some locals concession that at least they were still raising sheep and hadn't sold out to industrial or residential land use.

I also spoke quite a bit with a guy a bit younger than me who lived in Melbourne and was on his way home. He spoke mainly about his various work as a security guard, both in the mining industry and at more commercial posts like shops. And about his girlfriend... >.> I understand, but... I don't think I'm comfortable consulting strangers about relationships.

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