Home gallery of Kathi Day containing mostly digital and watercolors.  Paintings and illustrations of fantasy creatures, fairytale scenes and future fairytales.  Some random comics, frogs, and hamsters.  Higher resolution files available for purchase.
Silent bells.
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I see it's been almost a year since I wrote here. I'm off to my next adventure in Neurosurgery mid June. I haven't really produced anything this past year, but I continue to exist.


I guess I haven't posted anything for ages. Still alive! And I can see except for double shadows and blind spots. Reading is great. The stuff I've written since I just put in the library page. And I haven't resumed drawing or flute yet.


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Kathi was born in the previous century, lives on planet earth, and is reliant upon other humans for her continuing existence.
Two cats currently own the humans at this residence. Their names are Chowski and Callie. They eat a lot of cruchies. Buy pictures!!

K Bio Bits:
For those addicted to reading:

Kathi's education ranged from a one room schoolhouse in Harney county, at least 3 other towns, and then through colleges in various cities. Stopped going to school, but can't quit learning.

Currently sick more often than not. Hobbies include drawing, painting, reading, walking, plants, music and games.

Kathi has two sisters, Jenni and Lauri, a former husband, Simon, and sister in-law, Michelle. One nephew, Alexander, who stores toys in the middle of the floor and breaks chalk. Various kith and kin are still around. Some are not.

Many friends are not here, but not forgotten.

2914 NE Shepard Rd.
Bend, OR 97701 USA
Ph: 541-350-4573

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