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The other stuff, the old stuff, things kept, things that should be tossed. You know the kind. There may be duplication in this area. For the most part it's all still functional, purchases within this section will be honored just the same.

Archived Paintings:
10 that tell a story.
Jack Frost Come Courtin`
Like 'Jack Frost Come Courtin`'
15 that capture a scene.
Inktober Spectacle
Like 'Inktober Spectacle'
20 that portray beings.
Like 'Minons'

Archived Illustrations:
10 that tell a story.
Ninja Volcano
Like 'Ninja Volcano'
13 that capture a scene.
Foxy Fairy
Like 'Foxy Fairy'
22 that portray beings.
Wild Onion Fairy
Like 'Wild Onion Fairy'

Other Artwork:

31 Comics.

Evil Ninja Hamster
Like 'Evil Ninja Hamster'

91 Sketches.

Firefly test
Like 'Firefly test'

6 Illuminations.

Clockwork Heart
Like 'Clockwork Heart'

9 in Sexuality.

Trick or Treat
Like 'Trick or Treat'

22 Animated.

Spirals Rotating
Like 'Spirals Rotating'
Archived Sites:
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