Home gallery of Kathi Day containing mostly digital and watercolors.  Paintings and illustrations of fantasy creatures, fairytale scenes and future fairytales.  Some random comics, frogs, and hamsters.  Higher resolution files available for purchase.
Silent bells.
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Upright MRIs are very difficult to get in my region, so unless someone NEEDs one, they usually just make do with what they've got available locally. (There are only 2-3 machines in the entire Pacific Northwest 2x1.5 thousand mile region.) And they say one of the machines is so old the pictures are nearly unusable for normal MRI reading info.

Luck in finding care! I stopped seeking care about 15 years ago, just gave up and stopped trying for a few years. When I nearly went completely blind my opthalmologist panicked (which really means I hadn't entirely given up, because I was still going to see him instead of the family optometrist). Anyway, he stuck me back on meds (that almost did me in, but he was actually doing his very best to save me) and got the neurosurgeons to take me seriously again, and the new "riskier" VP shunting improved life for me (despite a thousand complications) enough that I felt generally better than I had since a decade ago in my 20s. That excellent neurosurgeon then bounced me to the state research hospital after about 5 years of revisions, but still... it's been worth it.

I have written more words in the years since then than I had in my entire life previously (school included) to share silly little web novel stories to warm other lives.

And it's still an ongoing fight to stay well enough to do anything, a life long battle that won't end until it's over I guess, but at least now my doctors are helping instead of obstructing. And they still guess wrong sometimes. They are just humans too. But they are trying, and that counts for so much.

So they are out there. People who will try their best to help you. 🍀🍀🍀


If you're trying to use Google Docs on iOS, and having search crash all the time, search for the least common letter or symbol you've used, wait until the result is found, and then you can usually edit the search without immediately crashing, and it will function normally.


Over a year ago now, I got my spine sealed up successfully. Unfortunately, this lead to a year of nearly monthly pressure setting adjustments, as we frantically tried to adjust my current VP shunt to a functional setting for me, as it had apparently been installed after I had begun leaking. We went all the way down to below where they tried to set it originally, and then came back up a notch. I lost nearly all executive function and tracking in the meantime, and I'm very slowly recovering again, finally. The server.. um.. lets call it a downgrade, in the middle of the severe leakage, is still beyond my ability to fix at once. But at least I've finally got python reading files again successfully (they dropped file in favor of open, simple I guess, but annoying.) There are a few dozen commands and variables that were changed in the upgrades, in addition to all of the Apache changes. .py will now show in my site addresses because I haven't been able to learn exactly what got broken about ModPython, which is no longer supported. Anyway, fun. But.. I live! So, success. Of a sort.

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Kathi was born in the previous century, lives on planet earth, and is reliant upon other humans for her continuing existence.
Two cats currently own the humans at this residence. Their names are Grace and Noir. They eat a lot of cruchies. Buy books and pictures!!

K Bio Bits:
For those addicted to reading:

Kathi's education ranged from a one room schoolhouse in Harney county, at least 3 other towns, and then through colleges in various cities. Stopped going to school, but can't quit learning.

Currently sick more often than not. Hobbies include drawing, painting, reading, walking, plants, music and games.

Kathi has two sisters, Jenni and Lauri, a former husband, Simon. One nephew, Alexander, who no longer stores toys in the middle of the floor and breaks chalk, but now lurks in front of a computer when not enduring highschool (wonder where he picked up the habit, hmm). Various kith and kin are still around. Some are not.

Many friends are not here, but are not forgotten.

2914 NE Shepard Rd.
Bend, OR 97701 USA
Ph: 541-350-4573

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