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    © 05-22-2008
This is one that I worked on off and on during the winter. I saw snow blowing off the trees nearby in a way that looked alot like petals at one point, some really awesome thunder (snow) clouds at another and thought a profile in the wind, and what with various things, caught this image in my head... that I couldn't get on paper.

The whole image was started and restarted a number of times. I can't count the number of nose jobs this guy has had. His arm is either too short or the impression of depth as the angle comes out (what it's supposed to have been) isn't really there. His feet would have been down where I ran out of paper. Pesky man. I reworked and reworked and this final revision I'm at least content to call it done. Darn scanner lines irking me at the last minute. I give up.

The whole problem is, with a picture like that you have three options: abandon, start completely over, or revise and hope.

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